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CW Contest Keyer Project

In the survey for the take-home kit, I asked if there was interest in building another project. a contest keyer using an Arduino. This keyer would be along the lines of the K3NG keyer, OK1RR TinyKeyer, or the Morserino. About half of the respondents indicated that they may interested.

Unlike the breadboard projects in the take-home kit, the keyer will involve some soldering skills with through-the-hole and some 1206 surface mount devices. This isn't especially difficult for those with soldering experience and I was able to build the OK1RR TinyKeyer in an evening. Still, others may find it difficult to solder this PCB, so perhaps those of us that can solder can help those who are reluctant to do so.

Before embarking on this project, "If you should decide to accept this mission", I would like to suggest that we work our way through the take home projects first. I do have 8 or 9 PCBs and all of the components for the OK1RR keyer ready for those who might want to jump ahead. And those wanting to build other keyers, can prototype them on a breadboard.

Here is a picture of my OK1RR keyer running the K3NG software on an Arduino Nano Version 3 controller.


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