Principles of Product Development

For over 30 years I have been developing hardware and software products to specific customer requirements. It is exciting and rewarding when you get things right and delight the customer. There are many different types of projects and technologies change, but the underlying principles that guide my efforts remain unchanged.  I have found that projects big and small can benefit from observing a few guidelines and “truths”, resulting in better products that are well received.

I am not claiming any original art in the thoughts and ideas that are going to be presented in my Principles of Product Development series.  Most of them have been distilled from my experience while others I have synthesized from the wisdom of others.  You may agree with some of the principles and reject others.  That is okay.  My goal is to share the fruits of my years of experience with the hope that the reader will take what he/she likes and discard the rest.  These principles have not failed me and I hope you that will find value in them as well.

The series kicks off with what I believe to be the most fundamental of all the principles.  For those who attend Software Craftsmanship McHenry County meetups, I plan on presenting a principle every few meetings followed by an open discussion.

Stay tuned.

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