Wolf River Coil TIA Enhancement

Woke up this morning and found my photo background covered with snow. Shoveled a bit and took this photo of my modified Wolf River Coil Take-It-Along kit with a dual collar.

The kit ships with three 32′ radials with a ring connector on one end. The radials attach to the base using the connector using the three aluminum legs. That setup works well, but I wanted to make the assembly and cable management a bit easier.

I drilled and tapped three holes between the locations where the legs screw in. Then I installed three 2″ jumpers with a ring connector on one end and a Powerpole on the other end. After attaching a Powerpole to the end of the radials that didn’t have the ring connector, I now have radials that can be easily connected and disconnected and I can attach a lead sinker to the end of the cable with the original connector.

Browsing the shelves at the local Menard’s, I found KingCord rope holders that are the perfect size to roll up the 32′ radials. Much larger that the kite string holders that I found on Amazon.

What I like about this system, besides the quick assembly and disassembly, is that I can build more radials (32′ or 64′) and use the original ring connectors on the legs, giving a total of six radials.

* – TIA kit with optional dual collar. Not shown, but included in the kit, is a telescoping whip.

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