Raspberry Pi Slides from RARA presentation

This evening, I presented “An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi” to a group of radio amateurs from the Rockford Amateur Radio Association. It was great to get together with this group again and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Jen, KD9FMJ, for the invitation to speak.

As promised, I am uploading my slide deck, “Introduction-to-the-Raspberry-Pi”.


For those interested in the Raspberry Shake and the earthquake reporting network, here are the links to the list of world-wide reporting stations and recent earthquakes.

3 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Slides from RARA presentation

  1. Thanks for your program at the RARA meeting (Rockford).

    My wife liked the unit that could track aircraft.

    Can you provide a link or list to the parts and software to build a unit – I think she would get a kick out of finding this under the tree at Christmas this year.

    Randy AC9OF

    1. Sorry for the delay, Randy. My email notifications don’t seem to be working.

      I am using a SDRPlay RSP-2 receiver, but I started with a NooElect USB dongle. There is an updated one that looks pretty nice, but there are plenty of choices out there. As long as the dongle can receive 1.090 GHz, you should be fine.


      The software is dump1090 and there is a blog article that describes setting up on the Pi.


      If you have any questions, I”m good on QRZ.

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